Mercy in the Diocese

Divine Mercy in the Diocese

How the Diocese of Charlotte has Served

Find out how the Charlotte Diocese is serving the community.


After Baptism, the initial Sacrament of Mercy, our Merciful Lord offers us the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Confession for regularly encountering His Mercy. We dispose ourselves for the encounters with Mercy by the daily recollected living of our Holy Faith. This impels us to assist at the Holy Mass and Confession, the regular encounters of Mercy. Having encountered our Lord’s Mercy, we are strengthened to express our lives of Mercy by doing the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

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As Catholics we respond to the Lord’s invitation to be people of Mercy. We do this in on the personal level in our homes, neighborhoods and jobs. We do this through the many activities of our Parish. Each parish in the Diocese has many acts of Mercy as a part of the normal activities of our Parish Life and local communities; we volunteer in parish and social acts of Mercy. And, of course, we do this on a Diocesan level by volunteering for and donating to our Diocesan ministries.  

The Diocesan Support Appeal supports a number of ministries in the Diocese. Watch the videos below for more information, or click on the buttons to see the number of different ministries which your prayers, volunteering, and funding help to be realities.

Catholic Charities is a non-profit social service organization following the teachings of the Catholic Church. They offer services and programs in the following: Burial Assistance, Counseling, Family Enrichment including Elder Ministry, Natural Family Planning and Respect Life, Food and Clothing, Pregnancy Support, Adoption, Foster Care, Teen Parenting, Refugee Resettlement and Assistance, Immigration, Translations, Social Concerns and Advocacy including CCHD & CRS, Education, Public Policy and Office of Economic Opportunity.



Spiritual Works of Mercy

  1. Admonish the Sinner
  2. Instruct the Ignorant
  3. Counsel the Doubtful
  4. Bear Wrongs Patiently
  5. Forgive Offenses Willingly
  6. Comfort the Afflicted
  7. Pray for the Living and the Dead

Corporal Works of Mercy

  1. Feed the Hungry
  2. Give Drink to the Thirsty
  3. Clothe the Naked
  4. Shelter the Homeless
  5. Visit the Sick
  6. Visit the Imprisoned
  7. Bury the Dead


The Catholic presence in the Charlotte area dates all the way back to 1851.  The Charlotte Diocese was established on January 12, 1972.  Since then, the Diocese has continued to grow and serve the works of mercy.

Click here  for a downloadable .pdf booklet of the history of the Diocese of Charlotte.



During this year of Mercy, we invite all Catholics back home and back into the Catholic Faith.  If you have fallen away and are rediscovering the joy of Catholicism, we recommend viewing some excellent content fromCatholics Come Home.

We hope you accept the invitation to return to the loving arms of the Father.  In the Catholic Church, our doors are always open to you and your loved ones.