San Paolo Fuori le Mura Porta Santa

The Holy Doors of St. Paul Outside the Walls

Erected in 2000, the Holy Door of St. Paul was sculpted by Enrico Manfrini.

The Holy Door illustrates the theme of the Trinity. A Latin inscription at the bottom of the door reads: Ad sacram Pauli cunctis venientibus aedem – sit pacis donum perpetuoquoe salus. It is a beautiful couplet wishing: May the gift of peace and eternal salvation to be granted to all those visiting Paul’s Holy Temple.

There are six composite scenes depicted in relief. From top left, from left to right, they are: Resurrection, Prodigal Son and Good Samaritan; the Benignity of the Pope (note the dog); Pentecost (note Our Lady in the midst of the Apostles); Preaching and Martyrdom of St Paul; Crucifixion; Preaching Office of the Episcopate.